About Us

Dear Reader,

I created News Link Live after making some key observations while working in the news business for the last five years. 

We all know that journalism is behind the times technologically. If only those heading up today’s media corporations would take a page out of former RCA-head David Sarnoff’s book and hire engineers like Edwin Armstrong (the inventor of FM radio) to make some technological progress, rather than riding out the last vestiges of a once prestigious profession for ego gratification and pocket change.

If I ran a major media company, I would hire wiz kids to develop interesting apps and unthinkable technologies to carve out new entrepreneurial communications spaces that do not enhance humanity’s already burgeoning ubiquitous autoeroticism. But I digress…

Nevertheless, even worse than modern journalism’s “technical difficulties,” is the content that passes as “news” today. News organizations produce the same kind of stories in the same rudimentary, algebraic fashion, to the point where everyone sounds the same and reports on the same things. Even when news orgs attempt to differentiate themselves by going global or hyperlocal, the story ideas remain the same (and similar story ideas are repeated over and over even when the articles containing them are not performing well).

Furthermore, news orgs are too afraid to qualify or input personality and passion into anything other than an editorial.  These limitations, especially those placed upon local reporters who do the brunt of the work for the entire industry, are part of the reason why journalism is losing its credibility. As long as every viewpoint is weighted at a local level, while bias reigns free in national reporting, the industry will fail to regain the respect of the general public, which once revered the poetics of Edward Murrow and the like.

Also, news can be entertaining! Although I love NPR, if it wasn’t funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, it would most likely cease to exist. Why? Because the content – though deemed educational – is dry and often irrelevant and/or uninteresting. 

On News Link Live, I bring together news, entertainment, academia and even YouTube gurus in such a way that my stories are both enlightening and entertaining! (The way the news needs to be to actually make a profit, in my humble opinion).

If you’d like to know more about me, here’s a copy of my resume.


Genevieve “Gen” DiNatale

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of News Link Live