Calling all social media reporters! You know who you are…

The reporter of the future is a local source who does everything in real-time, without having to be anywhere.

You already cover things like local news, sports, music, or whatever, because that’s what you do when you hit the keys. But how do you grow your audience?

News Link Live, that’s how!

Let me make this simple. News Link Live (NLL) trades content for visibility. NLL hits 40k views with an average session duration of 6.5-minutes a month, the majority of which is concentrated in North Central Massachusetts (plus Boston, Hawaii, New York, Ireland, etc.)

You send content, we feature and advertise it on NLL, and you move it on your social media threads. And there you go, you grow, we grow, until we all can monetize the audience.

If interested, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Below are some roles we are looking for, but feel free to pitch anything that interests you.

Contributing Writer

Want to build a following on social media while writing stories that interest you most? If so, join the team at News Link Live as a columnist, reporter, dating advice guru, tech expert, futurist, or whatever sparks your interest.

This is an unpaid position, but you are welcome to add affiliate links to your articles.

Sales Associate

Place ads on for local businesses and you’ll receive 30% commission.

In-House Critic

That’s right. News Link Live is looking for someone to satirize/analyze/criticize our content. Make a meme, write a nasty post, and/or create a scoring card for News Link Live’s latest stories. (This is an unpaid position, but you can build a local following. Since launch on February 14, 2022, News Link Live has had 634,032 page views).

If interested, please fill out the following form, specifying which position you are interested in or send an email to