Search for Gardner murder suspect Aaron Pennington suspended

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GARDNER – The search for Aaron Pennington, the 33-year-old accused of fatally shooting his wife, Breanne, inside their Gardner home on October 22, has been suspended by the Massachusetts State Police.

After allegedly shooting his wife with her own firearm that she kept for protection, Aaron, who didn’t have a license to carry, was captured on security camera leaving his residence in a 2013 white BMW 320 around 8:50 a.m. on Sunday. Investigators later discovered his car abandoned near Camp Collier, a Boy Scout camp on the Gardner-Ashburnham line, but found no sign of Aaron.

Since locating his car last Monday, investigators extensively searched the 400 acre wooded area around where his vehicle was discovered with no success. The last area searched was Lake Wampanoag, which is near the area where Pennington’s car was discovered and about five miles away from his Cherry Street home.

Recent security camera footage of Aaron Pennington released by the Worcester County District Attorney's Office.
Image from recent security camera footage of Aaron Pennington released by the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office

According to, Breanne Pennington’s aunt, Brenda Hull, expressed her frustration with the lack of progress, saying, “It’s been exhaustive with no result.” She remains hopeful that authorities will eventually find Pennington and seek justice for her niece’s death.

Hull speculated on Pennington’s possible whereabouts, suggesting that he might be heading back to his home state of California. She emphasized the need to consider various possibilities to avoid wasting time in the investigation.

Retired FBI special Agent Jennifer Coffindaffer weighed in on Pennington’s potential actions, stating, “If he’s alive, they will find him. There will be information that is brought forth from people who spot him, his relatives and friends, bank information, cellular information.” Coffindaffer also pointed out that a federal search warrant has not been issued, indicating that Pennington’s body is most likely going to be found in New England eventually.

“Now that they have said, alright, we’ve stopped, we’re going to reassess, maybe there’s more intelligence related to this. Particularly, are they looking in the wrong area or is he perhaps alive but I don’t think it’s very probable,” said Coffindafer.

While authorities have decided to pause the search temporarily, they continue to urge the community to remain vigilant. State Police declined to provide additional details about their investigation strategy moving forward.

Aaron Pennington is described as a white male with blonde hair and blue eyes, standing approximately 6′ 2″ tall and weighing around 175 pounds.

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