Drunk Driver Crashes into Sign, Calls Detective ‘Babe’ During Arrest

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CLINTON – On Sunday, March 5, at 8:43 p.m., Clinton Police Detective Christopher Cornelius was driving on Grove Street heading toward the Clinton Police Department to assist Officer Brian O’Malley with a 14-year-old girl who had been taken into custody. The girl, Officer O’Malley, and Officer Kristopher Vazquez were directly behind Det. Cornelius in a cruiser at the time.

According to Det. Cornelius’ Narrative for the incident, from Grove Street, he took a left-hand turn onto Chestnut Street, heading northbound, when he heard a loud “crashing sound.”

Det. Cornelius said he then saw a white Nissan Rogue drive over the “dividing island” at the intersection of Chestnut and Mechanic streets.

“The vehicle in question, crashed into, and completely destroyed, a ‘keep right’ sign,” wrote Det. Cornelius in his Narrative. “Upon doing this, the vehicle was now on my side of the roadway, traveling head-on with my cruiser and not slowing down. Upon seeing this, I reacted as quickly as I could and pulled aggressively to the right shoulder of the roadway, causing me to go on the sidewalk area. I immediately activated my blue lights, reversed my direction, and proceeded to attempt to stop the vehicle, that failed to stop for the crash, and was clearly attempting to leave the scene.”

Det. Cornelius then advised dispatch that he was attempting to stop a vehicle heading southbound on Chestnut Street. With sirens activated, the detective headed down the hill on Chestnut Street, where he saw the SUV straddling the middle of the roadway, dipping up and down, while the driver applied the brakes aggressively.

“I could observe the front of the vehicle dip, and the rear of the vehicle raise up slightly,” wrote Det. Cornelius in his Narrative. “The vehicle then pulled to the right side of the roadway.”

Det. Cornelius called dispatch to give them his location and the information on the vehicle. He then approached the vehicle from the driver’s side of the roadway and “began a conversation” with the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle, later identified as Faryn Wilson, 36, a hairdresser who lives on Homestead Boulevard in Westborough.

Faryn Wilson's mugshot taken at Clinton Police Station
Faryn Wilson’s mugshot

“I advised Wilson why I was stopping her and asked her if she realized she just crashed into a sign, to which she just stared at me, and handed me her driver’s license and then asked if I also needed her debit card,” wrote Det. Cornelius in his Narrative. “Upon speaking with her, I immediately detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the interior of her vehicle and from her breath. I observed her speech to be slow, deliberate, and slurred.”

When Det. Cornelius asked Wilson if she had been drinking any alcohol that evening, she said, “you know it, babe.” When he asked her how much she had to drink, the detective said Wilson “just looked at him without answering.”

Det. Cornelius then requested backup.

A short time later, Clinton Police Officers John McNamara and Adam Prentiss arrived on scene to assist.

Det. Cornelius then asked Wilson to exit the vehicle so he could conduct a field sobriety test. Wilson opened the door, but had difficulty exiting (according to Det. Cornelius), and using her vehicle for balance, she headed toward the back of her car. Det. Cornelius then directed Wilson toward a driveway off the sidewalk of Chestnut Street because “it was relatively flat and free from cracks and debris.”

“I further observed Wilson remove the slippers she was wearing prior to walking to the driveway. Wilson at this time, was in socks,” wrote Det. Cornelius in his Narrative. “Once at the driveway, I advised Wilson that I would be conducting some tests to determine if she was able to drive away safely. As I was advising her, she repeatedly would respond with ‘ok babe,’ which I found to be unusual for a person who was a stranger to me, to be calling me.”

After Wilson failed the field sobriety test, Det. Cornelius placed her under arrest.

Police inventoried Wilson’s car, where they found a plastic bag full of chocolate milk and alcohol, and determined it was a chocolate martini. Det. Cornelius said that Wilson stated it was an expresso martini from her house during booking.

Back at the station, Wildson agreed to a breathalyzer test and failed it twice.

Wilson was charged with OUI Liquor, Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Marked Lanes Violation, Leave Scene of Property Damage, Fail to Stop/Yield, and Fail to Keep Right.

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