Mother, Scientist, & Educational Futurist Kaitlin Volpe Enters Leominster School Committee Race

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My name is Kaitlin Volpe and I have chosen to run for Leominster School Committee, Ward 3.  I have a deeply vested interest in quality education at our local schools as a mother of two boys in the Leominster Public Schools. Professionally, I am a full-time medical laboratory scientist holding a position as the point of care coordinator at UMASS Memorial HealthAlliance-Clinton Hospital. 

Education is extremely important for our families and society.  I am an ardent proponent of programs such as Special Education (SPED), Career and Technical Education (CTE), Advanced Placement (AP), and the Leveraging Educational Assistance Program (LEAP). The success of students should be celebrated and creating dynamic classroom environments must be a top priority. I want to take on this new role so parents have primary say in the education of their students.

I feel that people with “skin in the game” should be the driving force behind the education that is provided in our schools.  Our society needs to keep Leominster Public Schools strong with effective advocates.  I see firsthand how education is delivered every day when my children come home from school.  I see what they are excited about, as well as their struggles. I have constant contact with their teachers and principals to ensure that they have full and prosperous school days.

Candidates that do not have children in the school system have a huge void in this area and this became a major factor in the COVID shutdowns. Many children and parents were left without a voice when students were denied entry to their school and learning environment by a school committee who prioritized the ‘system’ over the students they are supposed to serve.  Many children are unable to learn by staring at a computer all day.  Some of these children fell behind and are still catching up, including my children. 

The school committee elected in our city this November will be hiring the next superintendent.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the citizens to elect people with a vested interest in ensuring a strong superintendent who will have a heavy impact on the future of Leominster Public Schools.  Feedback from teachers, administrators, parents, and students should be the foundation of who is hired to mold the Leominster public school system into the ever-changing and improving place of learning that it is and can continue to be.  

In addition, focus should be placed on the technology that is shaping our world.  The Leominster public school system has evolved dramatically in recent years with technology advancing by leaps and bounds. It is not the same place it was 10 -15 years ago, and has continued to evolve even more recently when students were forced to learn remotely.  We need leaders that are equipped to adapt to these changes, as well as leaders who weathered the storm with our students and understand their needs.

Another important reason why I want to be involved is to help prevent our children from being indoctrinated with politics and any distractions not related to learning.  Everyone should feel free to have their own opinions and be themselves, but core academics and specials should be the primary focus in the classroom.  

I am a friendly, outgoing person that is easily accessible.  I am also a school advocate myself and, as such, I have developed a healthy working relationship with Mayor Mazzarella and feel that it’s important to work with him and not against him. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any of your concerns.  If elected, I will commit to continued and consistent accessibility, not only in Ward 3, but throughout the City of Leominster.

Thank you for your consideration and best wishes to you and your families for a wonderful and productive school year! 

Please vote on November 7th!

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