Leominster man breaks into neighbor’s apartment, claims it was to conduct wellbeing check

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LEOMISNTER — On Monday, Oct. 9, 2023, at 9:55 p.m., Officers Marjus Zylyftari, Tyler LaBell, and Brendan Donahue were dispatched to 15 Prospect Street following a report of a breaking and entering in a basement apartment.

(The account and quotations in this article were taken from the printed Personnel Narrative of Officer Donahue.)

“Upon my arrival, I was met by Michael Douglass, [who is] responsible for maintenance and resides at 15 Prospect Street,” Officer Donahue said. “Michael informed me that he had received a call from his ex-wife, Tammy Douglass, stating that someone was inside her apartment.” Michael is 58 years old and Tammy is 54. They both reside at 15 Prospect Street in different apartments.

Officer Donahue said he then spoke with Tammy, who appeared “visibly scared and shaken by the incident.”

“It should be noted that Tammy uses an oxygen tank, and signs are posted on her windows stating ‘oxygen in use,’” Officer Donahue explained. “She reported that she had seen a person inside her apartment and that he exited the home once she saw him in the hallway. Tammy said that she did not see him armed or with any weapons. Tammy has cameras on the exterior of her apartment and captured the incident.”

Tammy showed Officer Donahue the footage she obtained of the break-in.

“The video shows a male party attempting to break into the residence through the screened-in window,” Officer Donahue said. “Tammy informed me that her door, near the window, was deadbolted. She suspected that the male party had broken in by reaching his hand through the screen window, pushing the window out of the way, and opening the door. Micheal reported that the person who broke in was someone he knew and gave the last name of Donahue. Tammy also confirmed that this person lived next door and pointed out his apartment unit. She stated that she has a history with this individual since he took her TV a while ago. However, he returned the TV when she confronted him.”

Officer Donahue then went upstairs to the first-floor apartment, where he found its occupant, Wayne Donahue, standing in the hallway. Officer Donahue took a look at Wayne and concluded that Tammy’s surveillance footage matched Wayne’s physical description. Donahue, 27, is a resident of 15 Prospect Street, Apt. 1. He’s married.

Wayne Donahue of Leominster, two different mug shots side by side.
Wayne Donahue, (left) mugshot from June 2022 arrest, (right) mugshot from Oct. 9, 2023

“I then spoke to Wayne, who admitted to entering the apartment,” Officer Donahue said. “Wayne explained that he had made an agreement with Tammy’s daughter that he would enter her residence if Tammy didn’t answer the door [so he could check] for her wellbeing. I asked Wayne why he didn’t request police assistance for a wellbeing check on Tammy’s daughter, and he didn’t have a clear answer. Following Wayne’s explanation of events, I requested that he put his hands behind his back and he was arrested for breaking and entering during the nighttime.”

This isn’t the first time Wayne’s been arrested at his Prospect Street address. In June 2022, he was arrested at his apartment after selling fentanyl to an undercover informant for the Leominster police on three separate occasions.

For more: Leominster police use confidential informant to catch local fentanyl dealer

Wayne was handcuffed and transported to the Leominster Police Department for booking by the other responding officers, while Officer Donahue remained on scene to continue the investigation.

“I spoke with Tammy again, and she informed me that her daughter put the cameras up due to Wayne’s behavior,” Officer Donahue said.

Officer Donahue then photographed the damage to the apartment, which depicted an open door, a broken window screen, and a window on the ground.

After Officer Donahue evaluated the damages, Wayne was also charged with vandalize property for breaking Tammy’s window screen, which police valued at $50.

Wayne’s bail was set at $340.

He was arraigned in Leominster District Court on Oct. 10.

Wayne attended a pretrial hearing on Nov. 3. He is scheduled to appear in court again on Dec. 11.

Disclaimer: If you are wondering why the incident in this story was from October, that’s because I had to file FOIA request(s) to get the court documents for the incident. FOIAs are time consuming.

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