Leominster woman vandalizes boyfriend’s car, assaults police by throwing socks and property bin

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LEOMINSTER — On Saturday, May 28, at 6:36 p.m., Officers Michael Kochanski, Dennis Hatstat and Jonathan Benoit of the Leominster Police Department were dispatched to the apartment building located at 176 Pleasant Street, following a report of a woman “destroying” a vehicle behind the building.

“I was dispatched to 176 Pleasant Street for a report of a female ‘smashing’ a vehicle with her body, hands, arms and legs. The description given was a white female, wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, blond hair,” wrote Officer Benoit in his “supplemental narrative.”

Officer Benoit said that when he arrived, he found a woman matching the description crying on the front steps of 176 Pleasant Street. As he tried to console her, the woman identified herself as Stephanie Nosek, 35, who lived in the first apartment in the building.

After observing a bit of dried blood on the back of her hands, Officer Benoit asked if she was okay and Nosek responded “aggressively.” Benoit said in his supplemental narrative that he believed Nosek was under the influence of narcotics.

“I began to assess for injuries, asking if she was hurt or injured. She responded with ‘What do you think?’ in a verbally aggressive manner,” wrote Officer Benoit. Later adding, “When asked if she could show me her injuries, she responded by exhaling violently out her nose, a long string of snot and a blood clot exited her nose and hung from her face and upper lip. She sarcastically asked if I saw what was injured. I said, I did, that she didn’t need to display it in such a way.”

Nosek then asked if she could clean up her face after ignoring Benoit’s question as to whether she needed an ambulance.

“After she had cleaned her face, a few moments had passed, she started to become increasingly agitated. She started calling me a ‘n’ word as well as other slurs,” wrote Office Benoit.

At that point, Officer Benoit said Nosek continued cursing and swinging her arms as if she were about to “fire herself up for a fight” or flee.

After stating that she was detained for reasonable suspicion of vandalizing a vehicle, Nosek refused to stay seated at Officer Benoit’s command. When he tried to handcuff her, she resisted. Then a struggle ensued, where Officer Benoit claims she kicked him in the shin. He managed to radio Officer Kochanski and the two were able to handcuff her.

While Officer Hatstat transported Nosek to the station, Officer Kochanski spoke with the resident of the building who initially reported the incident to police. The caller told Officer Kochanski that the vehicle Nosek had scuffed up and dented belonged to her 50-year-old boyfriend, Kenny Morales.

A different resident on the third floor told Officer Kochanski that about an hour before police arrived, she heard Nosek “saying something about finding a hairspray bottle in the truck and Kenny can’t tell her how it got there.”

Then Nosek’s boyfriend Morales arrived and when he asked Officer Kochanski where she was, Officer Kochanski said she was arrested and at the station.

“He then told me he didn’t need the police; everything was material and he didn’t care about anything else. I then asked him to go look at his car and he told me to go f*ck off and leave him alone. I then left the area and returned to the station,” wrote Officer Kochanski in his narrative.

When Nosak arrived at the station, one of the booking officers, Ryan Malatos, who was working shift command that evening, said she was completely out of control.

“She was screaming obscenities and racial slurs to everyone present for no apparent reason,” wrote Officer Malatos in his supplemental narrative. “Based on my training and experience, Stephanie appeared to be under the influence of an illicit drug.”

Officer Malatos said that as she continued screaming in both English and Spanish, she took off both of her socks and launched them at his head. She then pulled herself on top of the front desk and kicked the booking camera three times. One of her kicks struck Officer Malatos’ left hand.

After Nosak tore the department’s Statutory Rights and Consent form sign and threw the property bin at Officer Malatos, it was determined that “the booking process could not be completed.” She was then handcuffed and placed into “female cell #3.”

Nosak was charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, vandalizing property (two counts), and assault and battery on a police officer.

Nosak defaulted on her May 31 arraignment because there was a warrant out for her arrest.

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