Worcester woman caught shoplifting at Shrewsbury CVS uses false ID following arrest, evades police

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SHREWSBURY — On Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 1:24 a.m., Officer Dimos Georgiadis of the Shrewsbury Police Department was dispatched to the CVS Pharmacy located at 197 Boston Turnpike following a report from the store’s manager that a woman was stealing merchandise and concealing it in her handbag.

According to Officer Georgiadis’ Statement of Facts for the incident, shortly after arriving at the CVS, he found a woman matching the description given by the store manager near the entrance of the store.

In her handbag, Officer Georgiadis found several bottles of nail polish, other stolen beauty items and a small pill container full of crack. When she was placed under arrest, the identifying information the woman provided to police was inaccurate.

“The female provided a name of Anna Jennings (DOB 07/08/1965) of 622 S. Washington St., North Attleboro,” wrote Officer Georgiadis in his Statement of Facts. “The female was booked under that information and continued to provide that information after arrest.”

It was only after she was released that a fingerprint match from the Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) identified the woman as Crystal Trauterman, 39, of 316 Lincoln St., Worcester.

According to Officer Georgiadis, after the fingerprint match came in, police attempted to locate Truaterman again, but were unable to find her at any of her last known addresses.

Trauterman’s fingerprints were in the system because of a prior record which includes a 01/06/2015 shoplifting charge stemming from the New Bedford Court District and a Class B drug possession (subsequent offense) charge from 09/17/2020 in the Framingham Court District.

Since police were unable to locate her following her arrest under a false name, a warrant was filed for Trauterman with the following charges: shoplifting by concealing merchandise, 2nd offsense, and false ID following arrest.

Since her warrant was issued on Sept. 14, Trauterman has not yet appeared in court.

Disclaimer: If you are wondering why the incident in this story was from September, that’s because I had to file multiple FOIA requests to get the court documents for the incident. FOIAs are time consuming.

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