Fitchburg man blocks school bus, swears at police from street after failed attempt to retrieve Xbox & TV

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FITCHBURG – On Monday, March 20, at 7:19 a.m., Officer Lucas Bajana was dispatched to the lobby of 90 Payson Street following a “keep the peace” complaint against a young man who was at the residence.

Upon arrival, Officer Bajana spoke with Michael Jalbert, 22, of 109 Payson Street, who said he came there to pick up an Xbox and television from Timothy Blowey.

Officer Bajana went to Blowey’s apartment to get his side of the story.

Blowey said that he had Jalbert’s items, but they were in Gardner. He then showed Officer Bajana a text message from Jalbert which stated he could keep the Xbox and TV.

Michael Jalbert's mugshot taken at Fitchburg Police Station in Massachusetts.
Michael Jalbert’s mugshot.

According to Officer Bajana, Jalbert was visibly disconcerted when he returned to relay what Blowey said.

“It should be noted that Jalbert already appeared to be in an agitated state as he could not stop his legs from bouncing and was short with his words as I informed him about the information that I received about the property,” wrote Officer Bajana in his Personnel Narrative for the incident. “I attempted to give Jalbert information on how he could attempt to get the property back, but Jalbert stated, ‘f$ck that, you can leave, and I’ll kick his door in.’ It should also be noted that Blowey did reside with several young children, and I informed Jalbert that he would be wise to go home and cool off so he would not take any actions that he would regret.”

Jalbert responded by telling Officer Bajana to “get the f$ck out of here, so I can do what I have to do.”

Then, from the middle of the street, Jalbert allegedly began screaming obscenities at Officer Bajana, who called for backup to deescalate the situation.

According to Officer Bajana, Jalbert remained in the street until he began blocking traffic.

“Jalbert was positioned in the middle of the travel lane, causing it to be impassable for a school bus,” wrote Officer Bajana in his Narrative.

According tin Officer Bajana, several parents attempting to get their kids onto the school bus, stopped dead in their tracks to see what the commotion was about.

When Officer Bajana told Jalbert to stop swearing in front of the children, he said, “I don’t give a f$ck, throw me on the ground and arrest me.”

“Due to these actions being in a public space, and with the purpose of offending the sensibilities of anyone present – children and adults at the same time – Jalbert was being unreasonably loud and offensively course and was using abusive language. He was placed under arrest for being a disorderly person,” wrote Officer Bajana in his Personnel Narrative.

Jalbert was handcuffed and transported to the Fitchburg Police Station where he was booked without incident.

He was charged with Disorderly Conduct.

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