Marlborough man arrested for assault with a dangerous weapon at Evergreen Cemetery

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MARLBOROUGH — On Monday, Aug. 29 at 10:33 p.m., Officer Kyle Skagerlind of the Marlborough Police Department was part of a unit dispatched to Evergreen Cemetery at 135 Wilson Street following a report of a man being threatened with a knife.

According to the Statement of Facts submitted to the Marlborough District Court by Officer Skagerlind, the wife of the man who was allegedly threatened reported the incident to police.

Upon their arrival, police located the alleged victim as well as the alleged suspect, Anthony Foster, a 36-year-old Marlborough resident.

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Courtesy Photo/Marlborough Police Department: Anthony Foster

According to Officer Skagerlind, Foster said he had the victim’s wife’s wallet and agreed to return it to her at Target.

“Foster left the camp area with [the victim’s wife’s] wallet and a large knife in a sheath,” wrote Officer Skagerlind in his Statement of Facts. “When he arrived at Target he saw [the victim’s husband] with [his wife] and immediately became enraged. He said he ‘brandished the knife’ and told [the husband], ‘I’m going to f$ck you up.’ He clarified the brandishing as holding the knife in his hand pointed towards [the victim] with the blade of the knife exposed and pointed toward [the victim].”

The victim told police that Foster came within five feet of him, pointing the knife in his direction. Foster then chased the victim across Route 20 while yelling “I’m going to stab you.”

“[The victim] stated he was in fear for his life that Foster was going to cut or stab him with the knife,” wrote Officer Skagerlind in his Statement of Facts.

Officer Skagerlind then arrested Foster for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon.

Foster was arraigned in Marlborough District Court on Aug. 30.

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