Woman attempts to steal binoculars from man’s car outside Athol Mini Mart, gets arrested

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ATHOL – On Monday, Nov. 21, at about 7:10 p.m., Detective Corey Chauvette of the Athol Police Department was conducting surveillance near the Athol Mini Mart on 464 Crescent Street when he observed a man chasing a woman across the parking lot while screaming at her.

According to Det. Chauvette’s Narrative for the incident, he rolled down the window of his cruiser and heard the man shout, “You robbed me!” The man then turned around and began yelling for employees of the mini mart to call 911.

Det. Chauvette said the woman “frantically” ran up to his window, asking him for help and a ride home. Det. Chauvette responded by requesting backup. “I pulled into the mini mart lot and exited my unmarked cruiser with my badge displayed identifying myself as a police officer,” wrote Det. Chauvette in his Narrative. “Officer Elizabeth Uanitis arrived on scene almost immediately and detained the female who was identified as Guerdema Gabriel. It should be noted that Ms. Gabriel had previously been formally trespassed from entering the property of the Athol Mini Mart due to numerous reports of her soliciting sex and money from customers.”

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According to Det. Chauvette, Gabriel, a 31-year-old Athol resident, said she was minding her own business when she saw a “blonde guy” running in her direction.

Guerdema Gabriel mugshot
Courtesy Photo/Athol Police Department: Guerdema Gabriel

Det. Chauvette then spoke with the man he saw chasing Gabriel through the parking lot, to get his side of the story.
“I spoke with the victim, identified as [name redacted] who stated he exited the store and saw that his glovebox and center console of his vehicle were both ransacked,” wrote Det. Chauvette in his Narrative. “[The man] saw Ms. Gabriel standing next to his vehicle, when he began confronting her is when I pulled into the parking lot.”

After speaking with the man, Det. Chauvette went into the mini mart where he talked to the employees who provided him with surveillance footage of the incident.

“In the video, you can see Ms. Gabriel open the passenger side door, and enter the vehicle for a brief period,” explained Det. Chauvette in his Narrative. “[The victim] stated the only thing missing was a pair of Bushnell binoculars. The binoculars were later located on the ground on the passenger side of the vehicle a very short distance away. It should also be noted that no other individual is observed on camera near the truck or entering it. The camera is directly fixed on the vehicle’s location.”

Det. Chauvette then advised the female officer on scene that there was probable cause to place Gabriel under arrest. Officer Uanitis then placed Gabriel under arrest for the following charges: breaking and entering into a motor vehicle, larceny under $250 (for attempting to steal the binoculars) and trespassing after notice.

According to Det. Chauvette’s Narrative, while Gabriel was being booked at the station, she admitted to having “smoked crack” about 10 minutes prior to the incident.

Gabriel’s bail was set at $2,540.

She was arraigned in Orange District Court on Nov. 22. She appeared in court again on Jan. 13 for a pretrial hearing.

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