February 9, 2023


Lunenburg’s 135% property assessment increase, now that’s inflation

The Select Board isn’t going to rethink the exorbitant tax increase, just their failure to communicate the tax increase with residents before bills hit their mailboxes.

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Lunenburg man with suspended license, drinks malt liquor in car stolen from sister, gets arrested

During his arraignment, the Commonwealth changed the “larceny of a motor vehicle” charge against the man to “receiving a stolen motor vehicle.”

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Lunenburg policeman awarded for saving life of animal control officer’s husband attacked by dog

Officer Gage Russell was given Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr.’s Excellence and Merit – TEAM Award. Early created the TEAM Award in 2019 to recognize public safety employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.

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Fitchburg man is arrested a fifth time for driving with suspended license in Lunenburg

Since 2012, the man has racked up four suspension charges stemming from Falmouth District Court, Chelsea District Court, Woburn District Court and Lowell District Court.

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Man found sleeping in aunt’s hammock uninvited gets arrested

Police say the man, who had dried blood on his face, had three warrants out for his arrest. They also found cocaine in his sock.

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Maine man speeding through Lunenburg with over a pound of pot in his car gets arrested

Police say the man, who was going 46 mph in a 30 mph zone, had a freezer bag full of pot visible under his seat and another one in a backpack in the rear of the vehicle.

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